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【Taiko and Japanese folk singer】
Nami Adachi

Music performers play Japanese organic music with uta(folk song), taiko, flute and stringed instruments close to humans, wind drums that combine percussion instruments from all over the world, and "Ryugu no Matsuri" that depicts a mysterious view of the world.



Satooto Taiko Drum School
Taiko drun team “SATOOTOSHA”

[Classroom] Awaji City, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Ashiya City, Inami Town, Shijyonawate City, Osaka Prefecture, Meguro Ward, Tokyo and others



PippiArtVillage, Biwa no Sato with a view of the sea

[Location] Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture


Business description

1. Planning and production of music contents centered on Japanese musical instruments, and manufacturing and sales of music packages

2. Digital distribution of music contents centered on Japanese musical instruments

3. Music publishing business

4. Operation of music classes

5. Planning and production of video contents centered on Japanese musical instruments, and manufacturing and sales of video packages

6. Video distribution

7. Management work for performers

8. Operation of fan clubs and planning, production and management of goods

9. Planning, production and management of concerts and events

10. Produced by new musicians

11. Various classroom projects

12. Planning, photography and production of photographs

13. Planning, production and management of websites

14. Restorchid business

15. Any business incidental to the preceding items

Main business partners

Social Welfare Corporation's MORI Welfare Association

Kobe YMCA Welfare Association

Kobe International Stage Service Co., Ltd

Sanki Corporation

Kobe Newspaper Culture and Culture KCC (Sannomiya and Himeji)

Co-op Cooperative Academy

Meguro Children's Theater, a non-profit organization

Society for Intergenerational Exchange (Hyogo University of Education)

Miki Workers' Music Council

Journal of Japanese Music Co., Ltd

Gakubo-sha Corporation

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Agency for Cultural Affairs

Hyogo Prefecture (Inspired Instructor/Child Care Support Program)

Takarazuka City (Takarazuka City Project)

Harima Town, Kako County (Okaka Ruins Festival)

Miki City (Miki City Community Center Project, Hosokawa Town Project, etc.)

Genbudo Guide Club (Toyooka City)


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